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Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly is the Wintite Magnetic Window Insulating System?

    The Wintite System is an interior retrofit made of architectural acrylic that is eighteen times stronger than glass at half the weight of glass. The magnet is embedded on the perimeter of the Wintite window and a sub-frame is placed around the perimeter of the existing window which has a steel strip. This is where the superior seal occurs. Any problems with cold drafts, condensation, noise, glare or UV fading are eliminated and energy reduction begins producing those important cost savings.

    Why would someone want a Wintite Window System installed?

    The majority of residential customers put Wintite on their existing windows because of comfort. Either the window is too cold to sit beside or they have condensation problems (especially with skylights). The price of putting on Wintite windows is usually one half to a 1/3 the cost of replacing their existing windows which are in most cases still in good shape. Our commercial, institutional and industrial clients use the Wintite System due to the savings in energy cost, 40% or more per year, resulting paybacks in as little as 3 years. For some clients payback has been realized in less than 3 years. Property managers will see a decrease in bottom line operating costs, which resulting in a direct increase in profits. People love the way they virtually blend in with their decor without the mess of construction for new windows.

    How long does an installation on one window take with the Wintite System?

    A typical installation will take 1/2 hour or less to install the Wintite Magnetic Window Insulating System for one standard shaped window. Mess is virtually non-existent and the inconvenience is also minimal as compared to installing replacements. The customer does not have the inconvenience that a typical window installation imposes.

    What are the competitive advantages to the Wintite Magnetic Window Insulating System over outside storm windows or replacement windows?

    Plenty. First our product is proven by licensed independent laboratories, to test performance, along with Ontario Hydro and the Ministry of Energy. Wintite has received numerous awards for product development and design. We are one of the only products to be used on heritage designated buildings for upgrading without replacing the existing windows. The Wintite product will not change the appearance of the existing interior or structure of the heritage building. Secondly, the Wintite System increases the thermo-efficiency of the existing windows by as much as 400%. This can be a R-7 value increase or greater for single pane windows. Finally, Wintite Magnetic Window Insulating Systems is a complete solution to most window problems, which is custom-crafted and installed to any location.