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The Building Performance Centre (BPC) was contracted by Wintite to test their magnetic retrofit system under winter conditions. An infra-red (IR) thermographic performance investigation and analysis was conducted to determine the effects of the Wintite System under on-site conditions.

This evaluation and report was conducted by Ortech International (February 26, 1993).

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Background Information

The windows being tested were located in the Bayshore Trust Building on the corner of Eglinton and Bathurst. The Wintite magnetic retrofit system was installed on all the windows in the building to improve the performance of the existing windows which are single glazed with metal frames.

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Product Description

The Wintite System has been created to improve the efficiency of a window or door by functioning as an additional transparent seal and barrier system. The system is designed to be easily attachable to the inside of an existing window or door using magnetic strips to hold the system in place. This allows for simple installation and removal.

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Test Procedure

The thermographic window scan was conducted on the evening of January 1 4, 1993 from both the interior and exterior of the building. Earlier in the day the Wintite magnetic retrofit system was removed from one window and thermocouples were installed. The system was then permitted to equilibriate for the thermographic scan.

An Agema 470 Thermovision camera was utilized to conduct the scan. The thermal images of the windows were recorded onto diskette for further analysis. The thermographic images display apparent surface temperatures of the windows. The warmer surfaces are indicated by bright colours (orange, red, white) and cool surfaces are indicated by dark colours (green, blue, black). A colour temperature scale is provided beside each thermogram as a reference.

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Test Conditions

(See Appendix A for photographs and thermograms)

EXTERIOR:  -7.20C with calm winds
INTERIOR: 18.90C and 27% RH


Overall average temperature

Without the Wintite magnetic retrofit system
-1.6 0C
With the Wintite magnetic retrofit system
6.3 0C

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Based on the results of the thermographic analysis the Wintite magnetic retrofit system showed an overall temperature difference of 7.90C in comparison with the window without the Wintite magnetic retrofit system.

The thermograms taken from the exterior clearly identify the windows without the Wintite magnetic retrofit system.

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Appendix A

Interior View Thermographic Scale

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